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+ Patient Testimonial - Neville Fernando Hospital Malabe

I am writing this short note having seen many negative comments about the Dr. Neville Fernando hospital (NFTH) in Malabe in general & SAITM in particular.

My old Aunt, Ms Kathleen Wickremaratne had been warded at NFTH for treatment for various ailments in semi unconscious state. She was accorded the best treatment, utmost care that enabled her to go through a difficult period of time. I am happy that I selected NFTH for my aunty though many advised me not to go there believing all the evil gossip and mudslinging campaign to fulfill sinister motives

My heartfelt gratitude is extended to the Doctors, nurses and all other staff at NFTH for caring my Aunt. Not only my aunt, the hospital take utmost care in looking after its patients. The cleanliness is at par with any other hospitals if not better, hospital charges too are very reasonable when compared to other private hospital.

Since they have permanent consultants throughout the day, my mother had consultant supervision for her treatment all the time.

As they have more than 50 consultants they work as a team, compared to other private hospitals that depend on visiting consultants.

My sincere thanks to the entire team at NFTH and may they serve the community for many more years to come.

My special thanks to Dr. Randula Samarasignhe and Medical ward Sister Seneviratne and her team who are doing a wonderful job.

Chandani Wickremasinghe
29th July 2016

+ Patient Testimonial - Gynecological and Obstetric Unit

From: Buddhika
Sent: Saturday, April 30, 2016 5:28 PM
To: Info NFTH
Subject: Thank you for the excellent service, please keep it up!

Dear Sir,

I'm Buddhika Ranasingha, the husband of Lalani Priyangika who has delivered a baby boy in Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital in Malabe (NFTH) on 3rd April 2016 as the second child of the family.

My first child, now a boy of 4 ½ years, was born pre-matured with several complications in a different hospital which has a famous NICU. Though the service quality was not the best, we've registered with the same hospital for our second child too, due to the possible risk of same prematurity (but of course with a different gynecologist). We have started consulting him on monthly basis but soon realized a gradual reduction of attention to the patients and the time spend on each patient (40 odd patients per session and more than one session per day). Looking for the options, we've heard Prof. Deepal Weerasekara at NFTH Hospital and enrolled in to his consultation sessions during the last two months.

On 27th March, when my wife was taken in to the monthly consultation of Professor at NFTH she's asked to admit to the hospital (BHT No BIL0088770) due to the higher blood presser and abnormal weight gain of +5 kg within 2 weeks. From that day, my wife had been in the hospital and the situation with her was not at all good. There was a weight gain of +4 kg within a single day and her pressure level was recorded at a very higher level . During her stay, we have experienced a superb service from your staff. Professor Deepal seems to have kept a continuous touch with her condition by visiting several times a day, inquiring it from the word doctors by phone and explaining me on her condition regularly. More than that, we always felt his extra contribution in every aspect and it was something we've never expected in Sri Lankan hospitals - both private and government.

After a weeks of stay, the condition of my wife became worst and Professor decided to take the baby out through a Cesarean at the 30th week of pregnancy. The baby is admitted to the NICU unite due to his prematurity and we understood Prof Deepal has had a very good coordination with the Pediatrician before the surgery and he's gone up to the extent of finding out the updates of the new born baby as well. The word doctors and the nurses of Obstetrics and Gynecologist department were unbelievably good specially to keep her mental condition higher at this situation. The way they communicate with the patients are very much professional yet they are able to maintain a friendly relationship with the patients all the time! There was a medical student available with my wife throughout the surgery and her kind words seems to have million worth at that situation. She was hanging around my wife even after she's put in to the medical word. Even my elder child got very friendly with these Nurses and I remember he was busy in drawing pictures (including a picture of the hospital) to go and show it to them. Simply the entire staff has become close friends of my wife in few days.

Few days after the cesarean operation, my wife was given the green light to discharge from the hospital and come for the feeding few times daily. We are living very close-by and also finding it difficult to manage the elder child without the mother for quite a long period, therefore I wanted to take the wife home but you would imagine how difficult it was for us as parents to leave the new born at the hospital and take the mother home. But, we have seen the care given by the NICU staff and it's something extraordinary. They were treating the baby like his own-mother and that has been a very much relief for us at that situation. There were instances where the baby starts crying for mother milk before my wife reach the NICU, we've seen the attitude of the nurses and how much effort they make to control the situation. They are clearly living with the situation to try and develop the baby in to the normal life. I have noted in many instances the nurses who are on leave call the on-duty-nurses and ask the situation of the baby. The ophthalmologist was called in and he was examining the baby for the vision once, I have clearly noticed the nurse was eagerly waiting to get the good update from the ophthalmologist. on 13th of April- (the Aurudu day) my baby was covered with a different cloth – they claim it as the new year cloths for him and all the staff at NICU seems to have engaged in their work without any complaint for not been able to spend the Aurudu with their families.

Even after the baby was discharged, they were kind enough to call my wife and check the situation of the baby several times.

Probably, I must be the person who visited your hospital more than anyone during that period (to take the wife to NICU for the feeding and to take her back home) and happy to mention there's not a single person we met with different attitudes and all including the security guard at the entrance was offering a superb service.

Surprisingly my elder child was also born at same 30th week of pregnancy and kept in the NICU unit of a different hospital for exactly the same number of days as in this case but in my opinion his situation has been little worst then. This gives me a good platform to compare the charges and I find NFTH reasonably cheaper.

I take this as an opportunity to thank all the staff at NFTH specially Proff. Deepal, Proff. Deepthi, all the Nurses and staff of G&O unit & NICU . Your service level has been extra ordinary and definitely set example to all the other hospitals- both private and public.

As the tag line says it's really a ‘caring hands & healing hearts'- they have really proved it to me.

Thank you once again for the excellent service, please keep it up!

Buddhika Ranasingha



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