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  • DENGUE SYMPOSIUM - "Coping with the Resurgence of Dengue"
        Organized by - The Dengue Unit, Department of Internal Medicine, NFTH
        June 29th 2017

  • The Acting Vice Chancellor of SAITM & Medical Director of NFTH Prof. Deepal Weerasekara was
        ceremonially inducted as the President of Sri Lanka College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (SLCOG)
        on January 15th 2017 at the Water's Edge.

  • If you are a corporate within 20kms of radius from NFTH, please call us to get special offers from
        NFTH for your staff. Call marketing division of NFTH on 0112407600 / 0711202915 (Direct Contact)

  • Comprehensive treatment unit for spinal cord injury from Dr. Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital

  • Dr. Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital Malabe (NFTH) has opened a new unit which offers comprehensive treatment to patients suffering from spinal cord injury. The hospital in addition to providing treatment to spinal injury patients also offers a wide-ranging service to rehabilitate and manoeuvre patients back to society. NFTH is thus the only private hospital in Sri Lanka that offers a comprehensive rehabilitation solution for patients who suffer from injured spinal cord incurred due to accidents.
    NFTH and SAITM Chairman Dr. Neville Fernando commenting on the new treatment unit said, Asian Spinal Cord Network and SAARC Surgical Care Society accredited Sri Lanka Spinal Cord Network President, Senior Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Narendra Pinto will be in charge of the unit.
    “Surgery itself is not sufficient for the complete cure of patients with damaged spinal cords. To socialise these patients as normal healthy citizens, a systematic rehabilitation process that goes beyond medication is required. It is to fulfil this timely requirement that NFTH initiated this service,” explained Chairman Dr. Neville Fernando.
    NFTH consists of a team of well-trained specialist surgeons, experienced specialist rehabilitation doctors, nursing staff, physiotherapist, occupational therapists and attendants to provide an exceptional service, Dr. Fernando said. In addition NFTH Orthopaedic Unit provides treatment for a very reasonable price to all muscular skeletal related ailments for young to aged patients. A state of the art dedicated Surgical Theatre with modern surgical equipment has been set up for the specific use of the Orthopaedic Unit. By attending in muscular skeletal system related clinics held on Monday and Wednesday, patients have also been given the opportunity to receive treatment for a very nominal fee of Rs. 200-250. Special concessionary packages are also available for members of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces who suffer from these ailments from NFTH. Hotlines 0112407600 and 0117707600 are opened for inquiry and clarifications of the public. More details can also be obtained from the official website of NFTH
    NFTH is the largest private hospital in Sri Lanka with 1002 beds and the first private teaching hospital in the country. Patients also get the invaluable opportunity to obtain the service of over 50 renowned professors and specialist doctors’ service round the clock from NFTH. The hospital is situated in a calm tranquil greenish environment surrounded with flora away from the urban congestion in Malabe just 30 minutes’ drive from Colombo. NFTH consists of all facilities needed to provide the required medical services for a very reasonable price to patients.

  • Professor of Medicine and Head of the Department of Medicine of SAITM and Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital Prof Kolitha Sellahewa delivered the prestigious Prof K. Rajasuriya memorial oration at the Ceylon College of Physicians 49th Annual Academic Sessions 2016

  • Swarnavahini - Ayubowan Sri Lanka
    Dr. Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital - State of the art new treatment with a
    MDT (Multi-disciplinary Team) Approach. Only available at NFTH
    Dr. Kaushalya Perera - Lecturer (Department of Pharmacology, SAITM)
    Mr. Harsha Subhashana - Marketing Manager

  • Novel concepts @ NFTH revolutionize private healthcare industry
    Swarnavahini Ayubovan Sri Lanka : Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital
    Director & CEO Dr. Sameera Senaratne / Head of Marketing Harsha Subhashana

  • NFTH launches new Oncology and Chemotherapy Unit
    Sri Lanka’s largest private hospital Dr. Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital (NFTH) launched the hospital’s latest addition – the Oncology and Chemotherapy Unit from 1st of July 2016. At the new Oncology and Chemotherapy unit, well trained dedicated Oncological nursing staff and senior clinical oncologists are available right throughout patients’ chemotherapy sessions. The unit is headed by well-known and leading Consultant Oncologist and Radiotherapist, Dr. Mahendra Perera, (M.B.B.S, M.D.).
    According to the officials of the hospital, the Chemotherapy unit is a purpose built unit and there is a senior consultant physician to attend to medical emergencies and a specially trained sister in charge of the unit to see overall functioning. The unit provides care for patients receiving outpatient chemotherapy. The nursing staff in the NFTH Chemotherapy unit are experts in providing high quality care and actively educate patients on all aspects of their care and treatment.
    The NFTH provides specialist services in surgery and chemotherapy to both adults and children. In addition to the mainstream care services, the hospital provides numerous patient support services, such as counselling, physiotherapy and spiritual services.
    NFTH intends to provide pre-assessment clinics for new patient referrals; a 24-hour advice line for patients on treatment; as additional services of the unit.
    Dr. Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital (NFTH) is Sri Lanka’s largest private hospital with 1002 beds and first and only private teaching hospital in the country. The hospital strives to provide superior services at an affordable price to a clientele of all income groups at all times. It is located in a patient friendly, green environment away from city hassle yet can be reached within half an hour’s drive from Colombo. It has over 50 full-time well-known medical professors and senior consultants working as a team twenty-four seven. Therefore, the diagnosis and treatment decisions are more accurate and less time consuming.

  • Amidst rising cost in healthcare and essentials due to recent tax policies that came into effect, Dr. Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital (NFTH) as a part of its corporate social responsibility initiative has decided not to charge value added tax (VAT) from patients’ dialysis bills. NFTH Chairman and founder Dr. Neville Fernando said that his hospital decided to offer the benefit of ‘no VAT’ for patients’ dialysis bills and instead the VAT amount will be borne by the hospital.

    Dialysis is the artificial process of eliminating waste (diffusion) and unwanted water (ultrafiltration) from the blood. Human kidneys do this naturally. Dialysis may be used for patients who have become ill and have acute kidney failure which means the temporary loss of kidney function, or for fairly stable patients who have permanently lost kidney function. Many patients with chronic kidney diseases or diabetes have to undergo the dialysis process for several times upon medical treatment recommendations. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) has become a major health problem in rural Sri Lanka. Previously confined to North Central and Uva Provinces, it is now prevalent in the Northwestern, Eastern, Southern and Central Provinces, and parts of the Northern provinces.

  • Dr. Seetha Arambepola, Full-time ENT Surgeon of Dr.Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital [NFTH] in a talk show on "ENT related complications" on Nugasewana Program of Rupavahini

  • World Heart Day Celebrations 2015

  • 'Dheerghayu' - Geriatric Care Center for Senior Citizens from NFTH

  • We have reached 500 deliveries

    500 healthy NFTH Babies now taking little steps to make a huge change in the medical fraternity by being the 1st 500 babies to be born at NFTH, the 1st private teaching hospital in the country.

  • Distribution of Samurdhi Membership Cards for free indoor treatment

  • Interview on Rupavahini about Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital Surgical Department

  • Vyaparika Puvath - 164 Bus Stand Opening - Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital

  • Swarnavahini Velanda Lovin - Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital 164 Bus Route Extension.

  • Art TV Interview - Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital
       - Prof Anura Weerasinghe & Harsha Subhashana


    The first child birth at Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital (NFTH) was carried out successfully.

    NFTH Begins to Create History in the Private Healthcare Industry in Sri Lanka


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