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        Departments of Microbiology & Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine, SAITM / NFTH
           - An academic forum organized by the Department of Medicine,
           on 14th November 2017, 11-12 pm at LH 1, NFTH,
           to discuss implications of AMR and to distribute soft copies/ CD’s of the
           Empirical and Prophylactic use of antimicrobials - National Guidelines 2016 to participants.

           - A drama by the 14th batch of medical students, to be held at NFTH on
           17th November 2017, 10-11 am in the lobby of NFTH.

           - The same drama to be enacted at the SAITM lobby,
           during lunch time 12-1 pm on the same day. (17th November 2017)
           link : view our activity for 'Antibiotic Awareness week' on the WHO website and 'like'

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           Misusing and overusing ANTIBIOTICS puts us all at risk
           You can help prevent antibiotic resistance
           Think Twice. Seek Advice.

  • Snakebite - Symposium on Management by SAITM & NFTH
        October 28th 2017

  • Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital provides free treatment from August 1, 2017
        August 1st 2017

  • DENGUE SYMPOSIUM - "Coping with the Resurgence of Dengue"
        Organized by - The Dengue Unit, Department of Internal Medicine, NFTH
        June 29th 2017

  • Prof. Deepal Weerasekara was ceremonially inducted as the President of Sri Lanka College of
        Obstetricians & Gynecologists (SLCOG) on January 15th 2017 at the Water's Edge.

  • Prof Kolitha Sellahewa delivered the prestigious Prof K. Rajasuriya memorial oration at the Ceylon College of Physicians 49th


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